Helping to accelerate
the Race To Zero

Benefits of joining CIC's third challenge - helping and supporting businesses to join the Race

What does it mean for a business to sign up?

Apart from leading an organisation to sign up to the Race To Zero, you can also join us to help more organisations to sign up to the Race.

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Readings for Business Leaders

Tools that can help businesses plan their sustainability journey and meet their targets. Information on which other companies have signed up.

Companies taking actions 
Science Based Targets

The world is transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. More than 1,000 businesses are working with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to reduce their emissions in line with climate science.

Top 12 Business Sustainability Issues for 2020
Network for Business Sustainability

Oct 20, 2020

More about Sustainability and Net Zero

We have curated a selection of materials that are shared by the experts on the various related subjects.

What is Net Zero? Net Zero Climate 

Definitions and explanations of some widely used terminology in the Net Zero space 

 Data on how many and who have signed up, the initiatives around the world and the actions one can take.

What is Net Zero

Dr Kelly Levan from World Resources Institutes would explain inthe video below