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Code of Conduct

Last updated April 2023


The vision of CIC is to revitalise the future of our planet by igniting powerful networks of individuals to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals. To uphold and deliver on our vision requires an environment of trust, mutual respect, and commitment to our values of diversity and professionalism.
The CIC's Code of Conduct is based very closely on the INSEAD Alumni Code of Conduct as a demonstration of the depth and importance of the links between the CIC and the INSEAD alumni community.
One Community. One Code.
CIC volunteers agree to treat all members of the CIC community (where members are all current, past, and potential volunteers, challenge participants, freelancers, and partners) with respect and dignity and exercise honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times during their interactions with members of the community. Discrimination or any type of harassment will not be tolerated. In addition, members of the community agree to refrain from any improper use of CIC’s brand, trademarks, or other intellectual property, or from broadly proposing non-CIC services, products, jobs, partnerships or freelancing opportunities to other CIC members, without prior written consent. Any such proposal must be first discussed with the CIC’s Talent & Culture Team.
The CIC Volunteer Code of Conduct was established to inspire volunteers to achieve and maintain the highest level of competence and to behave in ways that would maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles to ensure a supportive network for volunteers for mutual support, education, friendship, socialising and supporting the name and interests of CIC. This inspirational behaviour is not intended to be discretionary, but is expected of all CIC members. The CIC is committed to the enforcement of this Code of Conduct. It is the Code, and the fact that the CIC can take steps to uphold it, that makes CIC volunteers accountable for the standard of their conduct to the CIC community as a whole. This accountability is a valuable asset to all CIC members and to the CIC as an organisation.
As a result, the CIC reserves the right to revoke volunteer privileges (e.g. team and event participation) from volunteers who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct.
The CIC Code of Conduct is consistent with related ongoing obligations and standing policies of the CIC. This Code of Conduct is therefore designed and intended to cover and guide the obligations and conduct of CIC volunteers. It does not supersede any responsibilities or liabilities which may arise under any laws and regulations.
Violation of the CIC Code of Conduct
The role of the CIC’s Talent & Culture Team is to inform volunteers of the Code of Conduct, monitor its effectiveness and investigate suspected violations. Suspected violations should be reported immediately to the CIC’s Talent & Culture Team. All reports will be managed confidentially. Each case will be reviewed jointly by the Talent & Culture Team and the Governance Team. As the CIC is staffed entirely by volunteers, on whose goodwill and commitment the system is wholly dependant, the CIC is committed to collaboration and consensus in the first instance in their role as the guardian of the CIC Volunteer Code of Conduct.
However, where a clear breach of the Code has arisen, or where a complaint alleging a breach of the Code has been filed, the Talent & Culture Team has the power to investigate and take action up to and including removal of CIC membership.

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