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Sustainable Food Habits Challenge 

The Sustainable Food Habits Challenge, tackling UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, is the second challenge launched and run between October 15 and December 12, 2020.


In this Challenge we engaged a community of over 5000 members from over 100 countries to make more informed food choices, optimise their consumption especially of meat and dairy products and enhance their diet to experience the benefits of healthier living while making the planet more sustainable too.

Why Food?

Food production has a significant impact on climate change, generating 26% of greenhouse gases. 38% of the world's ice free land is used for agriculture, while 75% of this land is used for growing livestock. 70% of all fresh water is used to support this system. When it comes to food waste, 842 million people in the world are going hungry right now, yet, one third of the food that is produced, is lost or wasted!



The Sustainable Food Habits Challenge

The Challenge had three pillars:

1. Focus on the source of what we eat

2. Reduce food waste

3. Make more sustainable food choices

In this challenge, we had volunteers and participants from around the world. Not only INSEAD alumni took part in this challenge, their families, friends and colleagues also engaged and participated.  We were also featured by the United Nations Academic Impact here.

Throughout the challenge we raise our community's awareness towards the source of their food and its CO2 burden.


We shared ideas on how we can all reduce our food waste. We also took the challenge participants on a food journey, helping them to adjust their food habits step by step, at their own pace, no matter where they live and what kind of diet they followed.

We launched a series of webinars discussing sustainable food solutions and innovative technologies. In fact, we also have a resource page - Food Habit Tips - allowing people to gain quick insight on food topics.

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What our participants say
the Sustainable Food Habits Challenge

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CO2 reduced
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The Post Challenge Report


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