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Engage.  Empower. Mobilise

We set out to raise awareness and trigger long-term habit changes towards more sustainable and healthy living.

We ENGAGE YOU, our participants, partners and our community by delivering meaningful content and insights.
We EMPOWER YOU by providing practical and purposeful tools to reduce and offset the environmental footprint.

We MOBILISE our community and the networks of our supporters in the form of challenges to create positive concrete impact to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Completed Challenges

We mobilise our community to achieve carbon neutral by 2030 through Challenges. In 2019, we had our first challenge addressing Single Use Plastics.  In 2020, we launched the Sustainable Food Habits Challenge to help our participants change their food habits.  Read on to find out more what we did and how they went. 

Sustainable Food Habits Challenge (2020)
Single Use Plastics Challenge