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StartNOW our latest challenge - you can Learn, Act, Connect.

Join our 10 - week challenge get access to resources, tools and support that enable you to Learn, Act and Connect with other climate champions.

Share your learning journey with other passionate climate champions, be part of the community where you will be empowered to be more effective climate champions in your organisation.

Be an active part of the solution


Access to quality content via our interactive discussion platform (Guild). Have better-informed discussions to raise awareness and inspire the people around you.


Get ideas on how to make changes at your workplace to help reduce carbon emissions.


Be part of a supportive community where everyone can ask questions, share experience and toolkits, and offer help.

What you will get

Membership of a global community

of people who share the same vision and ambition: to mobilise our workplaces to become net zero

Relevant, quality content

at your fingertips


Learn at a pace that suits you.

Actionable ideas and experience

strengthening your case to drive changes in your workplace

Who can join

Everyone – esp. if you are are keen to deepen your understanding on different climate change related topics and to be equipped to influence and make changes to help to address the climate crisis through taking initiatives in their workplace and communities.


If you believe you can make a difference in your workplaces.

Sign Up for the StartNOW Challenge today!

You can visit our FAQ page to find answers to your questions.

CIC StartNOW Community on Guild
CIC StartNOW Guild.png

We have chosen to use Guild  for our StartNOW challenge to create an engaging community. Here participants can:


  • Engage across multiple threads covering relevant topics and content

  • Can be discovered by those interested in climate change

  • Encourages people to be active and engaged across multiple threads covering relevant topics and content


Sign Up for the StartNOW Challenge

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