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Experienced Leader - Share your experience in leading your organisation in migrating to net zero


You are a Business Executive of an organization that has joined the UN Race to Zero and can share your experience and learnings with other Business Executives. You will play a key part in helping us persuade more organizations and businesses to follow the inspiring example of your organization.


You will share your experience in a way that suits your availability and preference - for example,
- be a champion of the cause through sharing a short statement (less than 30 minutes of your time)
- Be interviewed by a CIC volunteer for our YouTube channel (45-60mins). The final interview will be about 20 minutes. You will be able to see the video before it goes live
- Do an interview with us on zoom and we will produce a podcast for our website (30 minutes interview by one of our volunteers. Limited editing to retain the conversation)
- Allow us to write a case study using the experience of your organisation. We will develop a case study style 2000 word write-up by a 60mins interview with you, and a 15-30 minutes interview with another colleague of yours

You can also join a Peer Circle, in small groups for business leaders to connect and share experience and help to persuade those still on the fence.

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