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The Leader is nominated for a period of 3 years with the possibility for a one-term extension. The
Leader is supported by the CIC Core Team of approximately 18 workstream Co-Leads, all volunteers
who are INSEAD alumni and non-INSEAD volunteers appointed by the Leader on an as-needed basis
in collaboration with the Talent & Culture Team.
The CIC Leader will be a member of the INDEVOR ExCo from April 2024, providing a direct link to
the INSEAD Alumni community.
This is an unpaid volunteer position.


• Lead a review and revision of the purpose, vision and strategy of the organization;
repeat as needed as CIC direction evolves;
• Lead a review and revision of the CIC’s operating model to reflect the existing
development needs and future opportunities and challenges; ensure the
development and implementation of a governance model, policies, decision-making
processes and structures to take CIC to the next level; repeat as needed as CIC
direction evolves;
• Drive setting up and regular review of objectives and workstream alignment for
accountability and achievement of the objectives;
• Decide the Core Team and organisation structure to achieve the CIC’s objectives,
evolving it as needed; hire for it in cooperation with the Talent & Culture team; and
decide on the appointment of volunteers to the Core Team and meet monthly with
each workstream’s leads.

• Lead and motivate the organization to strengthen the community, the Core Team
and volunteers: build enthusiasm, commitment and motivation;
• Guide the culture, live out the CIC values of Trust, Accountability & Service, and
oversee fulfilment of the CIC Code of Conduct for the benefit of the CIC and its
• Inspire the volunteers and followers of CIC to achieve the SDGs (this can optionally
be enhanced by personal example);

• Be an external voice of the CIC, bringing an outward-looking mindset; build bridges
and create partnerships with the external organizations, represent CIC and drive CIC
brand awareness;
• Build and sustain relationships with INDEVOR, the INSEAD NAAs, the Hoffman Global
Institute for Business and Society, INSEAD, the United Nations and other
• Actively endorse the fundraising activities of the CIC.


The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following competences:
• Inspirational, collaborative, compassionate and inclusive Leadership: leads and inspires CIC vision,
creativity and action to achieve CIC goals;
• Strategic thinking: takes bold decisions, experienced with change management, action-oriented:
drives decision-making and ensures implementation of agreed initiatives, holds people accountable.
Contributes to the implementation of necessary changes, takes risks and aims to make an impact;
• Excellent Communicator, builder of bridges: Communicates and deals effectively with the various
constituents (volunteers, INDEVOR, Alumni Associations, Alumni Relations Office, Alumni at large,
INSEAD, external parties etc.)

For the Leader, CIC seeks a person who:
1. Shows tangible evidence of a passion for SDGs;
2. Is an alumna/alumnus of INSEAD;
3. Is a senior individual with the credibility, based upon successful leadership experience, to
lead and motivate an international volunteer organization;
4. Has sufficient professional freedom and/or private resources (time, energy) to contribute to
the CIC;
5. Is willing to dedicate at least 3 to 8 days per month from any location with an availability to
participate in INSEAD’s key events in person;
6. Ideally, will have had experience and or exposure within an Alumni Association and or in a
similar organization which is volunteer-based and in a start-up phase;
7. Has the highest aspirations for the CIC but stays modest personally;
8. Should not have any business or financial interest in the affairs of the CIC or INSEAD and
INSEAD related organizations.

To nominate candidates or to apply yourself please send an email to:, providing contact details and a short motivational
statement and CV. Someone from the Selection Committee will follow up with you.
Application deadline: Sunday January 28th, 2024, 11pm PST.
Interviews will be held in February 2024.

Questions? Connect with CIC's Talent & Culture Team:
Liz Barrett:
Alina Ignatieva:

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